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  1. Few more minute before the next batch of models get posted?
  2. Hah! You're right! heartrate going up
  3. no way! We're 4 days out from this one! I wish I had a smartwatch to record my heartrate right now.
  4. I think people are going to wake up surprised either way as buckeyegal said
  5. I know they were computer generated but I thought id pass it along.
  6. checked the weather this morning and got this little tidbit in my daily weather over at accuweather
  7. I think the models have no idea whats going to happen. I'll let you know my disappointment in 5 days. ;)
  8. this coming overnight or during the day tomorrow?
  9. Is it seriously supposed to be almost 60 degrees on Sun/Mon? this weather better get a grip.
  10. Right on the line again. I think i'll just take spring now.
  11. raining Ice near Mooresville, Indiana
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