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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. Took a test run this morning - Sat. 02/16, didn't turn out so well: Bit of a nip this morning, temp was 30F but the dp was 12F. Had to wait for some clouds to move South and by that time Jupiter was high to the South and I never did see Venus or Saturn. I'll try again tomorrow morning, supposed to be clear at 5 - 6am building to 30% cover at 7. Monday morning looks like no chance for me with OVC skies at 5, 6, and 7am. Gotta get a clearer sky without all the trees and wires so I'm thinking about going down to the local park. That'll be good, I'll be there for a half hour and watch the local constable pull up; Whatcha doin' buddy? Park don't open till Sunrise and that'll be about an hour away....
  2. Thanks for the rep i70split! I usually double-check my links but didn't when I made my original post (OP). In coming back and checking I found the map view of Portland on Monday reverted back to the day that I took the link, the 15th, the maps time seems to be synchronized with your machine's system time. So, I was able to fix the link by changing the date from the 15th to the 18th but I can't save the time because there is no provision in the link to set it and if you use that map view you should land on the 18th but will have to set the time manually to 6am. Jupiter will already be 15° above the horizon and be plainly visible when Venus rise occurs at 4:40am, Saturn rise occurs 5" later at 4:45am. Venus reaches 10° above the horizon at 5:45am, Saturn at 5:50am on the 18th. With Sunrise at 6:59am Saturn will fade from view at 6:38am and Venus the same time the Sun rises at 6:59am, but it may still be possible to see Venus for a few more hours. Saturn will be a tougher target than Venus but you may be able to keep seeing Venus for awhile after the Sun Rises. At an apparent magnitude of -4.15 Stellarium is showing it is still visible until about 10:00am. The 'trick' is, once you lock on to Venus don't you lose it or it's gone. Sometimes...You can scour the last area you saw it and get it back and that is a good feeling but my experience is a loss rate around 70%. i70 you're in Monrovia Indiana? Here's the closest Clear Skies Chart for your area: Goethe Link Observatory MJ I think this is closest to you: Wetzel Observatory If you hover over any of the colored blocks in the chart with the pointing hand cursor a display block will appear giving information, click on that colored block and you will be taken to a corresponding map. Handy Link in case you'd like to try a different observatory: Clear Skies Chart Locator List
  3. On Monday February 18th 2019 there will be a conjunction or it could be called an appulse between Venus and Saturn. this is what it will look like at 6am. The reddish-orange tracks are the planetary orbits: As mentioned about difficulty, the higher in latitude you are the more difficult it will be to see it, I took the liberty of checking MJ's area near Portland Maine and Saturn will only be 11° above the horizon. This is the in-the-sky map view of the Portland area Monday morning, use the change location box in the right panel to get your area. My limit is 10° but I've been watching this gathering for a couple of weeks now and it's high enough to see everything from the 40° latitude of the Harrisburg, PA area. Of course this goes along with the hope that our skies are clear Monday morning, I'll try to get some pixs but there's that pesky system going thru at that time.
  4. Cignus

    NASA Earth Observatory | Image of the Day

    You're welcome i70! At first your mention about Opportunity threw me then I remembered that they'd be lucky to go beyond January but something was gnawing at me about JPL doing 'passive listening' this quote is what I remembered: I still find it hard to believe that someone somehow won't try to leave JPL's receiver open for passive listening, it's a long shot with Opportunities signal down to 1 watt or less but what'a ya gotta lose? But I guess that's it then, so long ol' soldier! If we're lucky in about 10years there'll be a team there to commemorate Opportunities resting place. Thank you for the heads up! Related: Mars Exploration Rovers | Status Update Hmm...I wonder what Opportunities frequency is, how hard would it be to have a private enterprise leave a receiver open?
  5. Cignus

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Godspeed MDBR, Godspeed.
  6. Cignus

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Did anyone catch this tidbit after the front went thru? Mt Washington did have an 82mph peak at 01:00am this morning: Summit Conditions Grandfather Mountain.org
  7. Cignus

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    What's with all this? Oh I remember, it's the bottom line for the stockholders. Go to the bottom of this TWC page about the storm and after a good synopsis of the storm you'll see: What?! As far as I'm concerned TWC fulfilled their mission for this storm story in spades, unbelievable. SMH
  8. Cignus

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    You're welcome, Yea it does but it shouldn't be too much longer, those two little HP cells over the Canadian Maritimes have almost dissipated and once the Sun comes up that warm front should start to advance. Just noticed a Mesodisco up for our area: Currently I have 30°F and ~2.5" of snow. Light Snow Fog/Mist Temp 30°F -1°C Humidity 88% Wind Speed E 8 mph Barometer 30.28 in (1025.8 mb) Dewpoint 27°F (-3°C) Visibility 1.50 mi Wind Chill 22°F (-6°C)
  9. Cignus

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    I found this but it's from Noon yesterday so I don't know if Justin Michaels will be in Philly or not, they're known to gravitate to the worse weather, maybe he'll make Allentown, it's not that far: We have crews from coast to coast, LIVE with the latest (facebook)
  10. Cignus

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    This is at 500hPa, 250hPa is running at 116mph. Since prepping this post 500 has gone to 116mph and 250 went to 186mph, 800hPa is 7mph. EarthNullSchool Snow stopped from 1pm, then around 3pm started seeing a few flakes here and there. Started continuous Lt. snow since 5pm and have gained another inch or so. Currently: Temp 31.0 °F Dew Point: 30 °F Gusts 0.0 mph Humidity: 97% Precip Rate: 0 in/hr Accumulation: 0.01in liquid Pressure: 30.33 in Wind from NNE 24° 1 to 2 mph
  11. Thanks PV, I was wondering when the change over was going to happen, it's easy to see the influence the new low has on this system.
  12. With ice cold tootsies!
  13. Thanks for the rep MJ! Readings are holding steady, snow continuing to fall, maybe another .10". Local mets are calling these two storms phase1 and phase2. Phase1 is a coating to 2" and phase2 anywhere from 2 to 5 to 3 to 6, finishing up with .15" of ice then .55" of rain by Wednesday Noon. I know we have these two broken down into 10th-11th and 12th-14th because of the Lows involved but personally it's all one storm. The one met even called this one a clipper and I'm like what? Didn't this come from out of the ArkLaTex? Local AFD: Tried taking some shots of the snow rate, here's three:
  14. Presently Lt. Snow falling. Temperature 27.9 °F Dew Point 26 °F Humidity 94% Precipitation 0.10 in liquid ~1.5 to 2" snow since 23:59:59 02/10/2019 to 7am-est 02/11 Wind Speed 1 to 3 mph Wind Gust 0 mph Wind Direction ESE - 103° Pressure 30.32 slowly falling Conditions OVC - Very Lt. Snow - Lt Fog/Mist Radars without and with clutter. I'm below the double "R's" in Harrisburg. Three outdoor shots around the house:
  15. Pick a subject and immerse yourself, Images are free downloadable .jpg's: NASA Earth Observatory | Image of the Day The other two similar NASA sites; NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day and the NASA Image of the Day