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  1. Kathy was moved from ICU to the 10th floor Friday evening. She is doing well this past week but is having some cognizance difficulty and that may be holding her back from going to acute care rehab, that'll be a 2 to 3week in-patient stay, it could be more as it depends on her progress. No results yet on the biopsies. Steve
  2. Hi, My brother helped me out by posting this last evening, It says it all: I got a call from the ICU nurse this morning to ask particulars about Kaki as she is having an MRI this morning. The nurse told me that Kaki is alert, talking and doing well. If Kaki's progress remains positive there is a chance she will be moved to the 10th floor Neurology, today. I'm going to call over to ICU to see if she's done with the MRI before I head over. Mike mentioned he got home around 9 and I stayed till 9:10 last night and got home around 9:30 I got some rest but my sleep was fitful and I'm feeling a bit rough. Steve
  3. Hi everyone, We have to be at Harrisburg Hospital at 11:30am, The Op is scheduled to start at 1pm. Love K&S
  4. Kathy and I would like to thank everyone for their support, she appreciates the kindness you have shown to her and me, and Lynnie, I'll pass along the Love and thumbs up! I'll probably have time later today after the scheduling nurse calls to let you know when we have to be at hospital. I can only imagine when the Op will start, I'm thinking around two hours for prep. And I'm going to stop guessing when I'll be able to post next. When I'm able, I'll post. Like my sec-a-tary says: 'post when you can'. Steve
  5. Hi everyone, have a few minutes, Kathy's sleeping. When I posted last I didn't know how this past week was going to go but I have a small window this morning. Monday was the surgeons visit and learning what's wrong and how we're going to correct it. Kathy has either a benign or metastasized tumor and we won't know which one until the biopsy comes back late? next week after Tuesday's Op. Dr. put her on a steroid for swelling and because we don't know if her fainting spells are syncope or a seizure Kathy's also taking an anti-seizure drug. This past Tuesday was blood lab, x-ray, and an ekg. That went surprising well, if you've ever been to an outpatient clinic you know what I mean, but this time we were home in 35" It does help that the clinic is only 3miles away. Wednesday was a more focused MRI. Thursday was an open day. Friday we had a cleared for Op visit with Kathy's Dr. Yesterday, Saturday I did catch-up around the house. Insert your idiom here: _____________ for how tired you ever felt at the end of a busy day or week, I usually use 'dead-dog' tired. No offense to our canine friends or owners. And today it feels like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, and having the time it helps my thoughts when I'm able to post here. Tomorrow Monday we wait for the hospital scheduling nurse to call and let us know when Kathy has to be at the hospital for surgery sometime Tuesday, we both hope it's early. We haven't asked yet but are thinking she'll be under at least 5 to 6 hours. Tuesday August 6th, Op day. From surgery she goes right to ICU for up to 3 days that puts us to Friday the 9th and if she's okay goes to her room to finish recovery and start therapy until at least the end of the week of the 12th and she might get home on the 19th. I'm preparing myself that Kathy may have to spend that week of the 19th in-hospital and may not get home until the week of the 26th. It depends on her and how well she recovers. I want to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers, and I'll be sure to pass them along to Kathy. I'm thinking I may be able to post again next weekend, good lord willin'. We did have a nice lighting show from 7 to about 10pm last night, no rain but nice, one flash lit everything up ya da thought it was noon, but with keeping an eye on Kathy I couldn't afford to take video or maps but I was thinking of the gang back here while taking short peeks. Clear Skies! Steve
  6. had a few minutes. I won't be in-forum for awhile and I won't be able to respond if anyone pm's me or replies to this post, at least not for awhile maybe in a couple of weeks. found out my wife has a brain tumor and we're going to preliminary procedures this week to get ready for surgery on tuesday aug. the 6th. take care, steve
  7. Chances may be better this year to view the Aquariids as the peak is around July 28th and coincides with a new Moon on the 31st. IMO Meteor Shower Calendar: Scroll down a bit to see the listing for the Southern delta Aquariids American Meteor Society: Meteor Activity Outlook for July 20-26, 2019
  8. Watchin' WeatherWorld and I thought that line would add to the 0.99" we got yesterday an overnight, but I have to believe the Meteorologist when he figured the line would fall apart as it approached the lower Sus-Q-Vally and it looks like it will. The upper and lower sections may survive into Lancaster here and Cumberland MD but my middle section is done for the day. Looking closer that upper section does look like it's turned more Southward, It might make it imby, but 70miles will be a lot to overcome, a lotta' ridges between here and there. I'll still be mowin' grass tomorrow. At 6:30pm it split and it's getting less and less. Not much lightning: Wunderground is even worse:
  9. Did you see PM's post here? What make / model of phone do you have? If you need help it would be best to start a new thread here: The Testing Ground
  10. Just a spot of bad timing then with the trash can. If you're a DIY'er concentrate on horizontal surfaces to see if you can find any wet spots or puddling then back-track, if done by a contractor have him come back and fix it. Ewww! That's no good. Our TWP had a campaign that floor drains attached to the sewer had to be plugged usually with concrete. If from a basement terlet you'd have to install a back-flow preventer but you'd have to tear up the concrete floor to put it in. There's one good thing, Your spirit's are up and at an all-time high! Funny you should mention K2, I can hook you up with a nice property with a view! No grass to cut, but you would have a lot of snow blowin' to do.
  11. Good, hope the leak isn't too bad, storm related or bad plumbing? Maybe a kind neighbor will set it out and you can grab it, keep an eye out. I can send you some bungee cords to tie it or the new one down.
  12. If you don't have anywhere to go and the house is holdin' up, sit tight and wait it out. Do you have enough TP? **Page Topper** What happens when a male meteorologist forgets his anniversary?
  13. Maureen; Have you done something like this before and it worked?
  14. Wasn't sure where to post this maybe in the heat wave thread or here but since it's about a thunderstorm I'll do it here even though this one didn't rain on me you'll see it's brothers and sisters approaching and it's raining and lightning as I post this. Went out about 10" of 9pm this Sunday evening the 21st to get some fresh warm air and saw this complex approaching my back yard and the beginnings of a light show. I went back in got my camera and tripod and videoed the storm as it passed by, the video lasts for 25:02. Some maps to show what was happening, This shows the complex within the oval on the lightning mapper and the arrow is my approximate location. In its beginnings the storm was 40miles away on a heading 229degrees Southwest. Link to lightning mapper is a courtesy link and does not show my map only current tracking.: Same map from KCXY: This is the lightning mapper when I finished and came in to post: And a ScreenToGif of the line: Not sure what happened to the .gif it was working when I posted, might be too large a file. Last night when I posted this animated .gif it was working then it was not and now this morning it is, so you may see it in either condition. One curiosity I noticed is the file is 1.19MB on my machine but 7.05MB in the attachment editor. c'est la vie . Now for the video of the complex. I would believe the WXDisco servers and PM would have a fit if I tried to post a 1.41GB video that lasts 25:02 so I published it on my YouTube channel and applied the link here. It starts out with small flashes and around 7" in the larger flashes start. I live under the approach to HIA in Middletown where KMDT is located and at 16:10 you'll see a jet making its approach in the video from right to left and at 16:32 just before the jet leaves the frame a large flash occurred. The line knocked the temps back 12° from 86 to 74F - DP is still up at 72° and we received 0.11" of rain. If you watch through the whole 25" you may noticed where I made slight adjustments to the camera's PTZ and nitpicking is encouraged. Enjoy:
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