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  1. Here's some early morning risers, mby had a slight chance for these but it looks like they'll pass me by. I can see some lightning from a distance and hear thunder. From KPHL: And KUNV, it's about 25miles from Millersburg to Hbg.: Lightning: Forecast:
  2. SPC's early morning update (Updated: Thu May 23 06:07:09 UTC 2019) has once more moved the boundaries of the enhanced area, this can be expected even up to the first flash of lightning for your area. Thanks to Wx_WhatWX? for the update. It's dropped even lower into Northern MD and back out to the PA - NJ line. don't forget the SPC's floating margins of 25miles to a point, you may have to click on the Counties box to narrow the points even further. Percentages are up to 40 for the 20Z to 00Z time frame with the 12Z and 16Z tabs remaining at 10% for now. And thanks to WeatherExpertMatt For the tornado outlook, I had forgotten about the SPC SREF page. I went there and it looks like the best time for now will be around 2100Z or 5pm edt
  3. Hi Ken, Does your company have reciprocity agreements with companies in other States? I would believe it would. If and when we need it: Mid-Atlantic Power Outages Just click on a State and it'll take you to a county map of that State, then hover over a county of concern for more info, click for details.
  4. What started out a few days ago as Slight, has now turned to Enhanced for Thursday: SPC Day 2 Local Mets are centering on a 1pm to 9pm time frame with the KCXY area's first round about 2pm. KCXY Disco Day 3 Calms down to get ready for the next round:
  5. Thanks, same here I'm hoping all is well. There were some outages in NW Lancaster but no reports today except in the micro-areas where the tornadoes hit. If you go here to the video reports from the local station the first video at 0:43 to 0:55 shows the one storm coming in.
  6. Hey, has anyone heard from lynniethelurker ? We had a colonnade of T-Storms come thru our area yesterday and there were two tornado warnings, one from the NW Lancaster Co. area near Manheim, another S of Lancaster city. A third was in the Strinestown area of York Co. Mby made out okay but there were only three other T-Storm events in my life-time that surpassed the brilliance of the lighting and intense guttural, timed soundings of thunder. I had six cells go thru mby from 3:30pm yesterday to 1:30am this morning dropping 1.66". The one around 8:30pm dropped the most and the one at 11:30pm last night was the angriest. This one from Saturday midnight set the stage, look at all the humidity around that cell, it dropped .08 but it was enough to prime for later: A series of Cira-Slider Snips from about 3:30pm to 1am:
  7. Shop vac? Don't boats come with a drain that you just remove the plug and let the water drain out?
  8. A good time for mby is from 10pm to 2am and I went out for awhile at 10:30 but it was OVC to BKN, it did clear a bit around midnight but with not seeing aurora and getting sleepy I packed it in. Getting up at 4am this morning (I have terrible sleep habits) I went out for awhile till sun-up. At 4 it was OVC to SCT to BKN. At 5 there was a large swath of sky open but I didn't have any luck. I'm going to try and stay up till midnight tonight but it'll be slim pickens. MJ's area is still in a Kp6 area and we're down to 4 and the sky is mostly cloudy to BKN to A FEW an we need at least a Kp of 6.5 so I'm not hopeful, but I'll still have my tripod / camera ready! But the SWAO (Space Weather Advisory Outlook) has tonight and tomorrow night as possibles. Check the bottom of the quote I have it in bold: This site says we might be okay IF you have a clear shot to the northern horizon. That means I'll have to travel, and I'll have to think about that. Think I'll go an check, clear skies Solstice! Steve
  9. There's still time to plan: Overnite tonight looks to be the better of the two for me. ComeOn! 7: Source Maybe tomorrow night for you, but with 58 to 65% cloud cover it doesn't look promising : Source
  10. With all this discussion of the magnetic north pole we should include: The South Atlantic Anomaly: The Key for a Possible Geomagnetic Reversal because it is linked to magnetic North. It to is moving, al-bet a bit slower to what Rob has found out. The study has shown that it moves at a 40KM per year average and since 1800 that's 8,760 Kilometers or 5,443.2 miles. If we use Rob's 50 year lifetime that's 1,000KM or 621.4 miles compared to 1,200. Something I found: I present the Lithospheric magnetic field It doesn't show the magnetic North and just a bit of the SAA (South Atlantic Anomaly) This does show show the magnetic North Pole. For idecline:
  11. Cignus


    Hi MJ, There's too many video's to list in a post so, if you go here: CRS-17 Mission you can take your pick, I like the one about towin' the barge with booster back to the Cape. 2nd one down is this video, 3rd is previous post, then the next six, and towin' is 7th. Info: After about a month attached to the International Space Station, SpaceX’s CRS-17 Dragon is expected to be unberthed and released. After several hours drifting away from the outpost, it should perform a deorbit burn and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. CRS-17 Dragon unberthing, splashdown (TBD) Tenative Monday, June 3, 2019 00:00 23:59 Source Next up: Sat., June 22: SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch with NASA technology payloads. SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket will carry nearly two dozen satellites to space for the Department of Defense’s Space Test Program-2 (STP-2) mission from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Among the payloads are NASA technologies including a small satellite to test the performance of non-toxic spacecraft fuel and an advanced atomic clock to improve how spacecraft navigate. Edit Time 20:28pm edt
  12. From the 'I'm not going to hold my breath' department. It's been three weeks since sending in my question; There has been no return email and #98 Blizzard Watch is still on the list.
  13. Perhaps you've heard of CCD (colony collapse disorder) a phenomenon noticed near the middle of the last decade (winter of 2006-2007). With sightings of increased bee population it might mean a reversal of the problems bee's are having that were caused by improper farming practices. But, it looks to be an ongoing problem and may only be a localized occurrence noticed by suzook, and Hobie. Take a read from these three sites it sounds like it continues to be an ongoing problem. New York Times Scientific American This article in Science makes me believe that the bee experts have the “4 Ps” reversed : parasites, poor nutrition, pathogens and pesticides. Pesticides should be first then the other three follow like links in a chain. But what's a little 'ol bee to do to try and fight the big chemical companies? More, (google searches): Two new studies Pollen bee population up
  14. Hey! Any golfers here? Did anyone see those Arcus / Roll clouds at the Wells Fargo PGA tourney in Charlotte, NC today? They had a little over an hour delay from T-storms and when they got back to play you could see 'em in the background sky. Some kind of weather we're havin' eh? Friday imby I had 0.40" Saturday wasn't too bad 0.30" and today so far 1.30". Officially at KMDT they recorded 0.97 so far today. Temps at midnight were 61°F till 9am then dropped to 60 at 4pm and I'm sitting at 56 at 9pm. Dew Points hung a degree or so below the temps and it showed, as there was this grayish white pall everywhere you looked. I was able to sneak in some grass cutting from 11am to 12:30pm Saturday after I dropped a new battery in the tractor and I had to leave the deck at 3.5" or it put to much of a load on the tractor, but hey, that's still better than the 6 to 8" that I started with. Presently there are very light sprinkles about:
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