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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Cignus


    Problems for SpaceX The April 20, 2019 link will take you to a twitter page. Did SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule EXPLODE? There's a short unauthorized? video of the capsule explosion. So far Tuesday's the 30th launch is unaffected as this was on an earlier model of the Crew Dragon capsule. It was just the capsule's abort rockets being tested.
  2. Just passed me. Headin' into Lynnie's neck of the woods. Was tryin' to get a shot an this is the best I could do, seems my timing (manual/15sec) and the storm's was off a bit. If you look hard enough you can see the bolt arcing above the illuminated clouds. Dropped .06 .
  3. Cignus


    MJ, some changes to NL thread, launch remains the same it's what's before and after that has changed, new changes are Confirmed:
  4. Cignus


    Hi MJ! Check the NASA Live thread SpaceX CRS-17 mission has been pushed back four days to April 30th. All changes in Red.
  5. Rocketeers check OP (original post) for SpaceX update.
  6. NEK, your mention of the Connecticut rising jogged my memory on this web cam: The Waitsfield Covered Bridge in Vermont's the Mad River Valley. The closest hydrograph I could find is Moretown 'bout 8miles upstream from here (Waitsfield). Upstream is to the right. Waitsfield looks more than 8.5' If it'd be warmer you'd see kids jumping off those two bridge abutments into that hole. It's 70 here mostly cloudy no rain, 37% chance till 8pm then it drops to 23% a bit on the humid side for me DP 40°F RH 35% winds NW at 7 bar steady at 1014.7
  7. It does make it more difficult to prognosticate when the movement is South to North and the event moves on a directional bias. I want to say it will miss you, but, it also looks like that first large cell approaching Long Island will clip Bridgeport and then Sandy Hook, but not by much. If you get by the next hour or so without more accumulation say .5" I'd say your 'out of the woods'.
  8. I wonder if this is the same one in McConnellsburg, Pa. Video damage report from Franklin Co. WGAJ
  9. Looks like ther' clearin' out for now and it'll just be light stuff till that batch in KY and TN corkscrews its way up here. I'll look around MDBR
  10. We've started, 3pm. Looks to run for a few hours. Then there's that side show coming in from Ohio and WV. The precip from the West has us pegged until Saturday evening, hourly grid from KCXY: Enhanced Weather Outlook: Recent SPC: Meso Disco #0401 turned into TW #90 Someone mentioned it a storm or two ago that severe weather has been occurring around full moons well, April's happened at 6:12am this morning in the Eastern time zone and btw it's called the Pink Moon. If you actually saw it this morning it wasn't pink, there's another reason for that moniker, read on: April full moon shines in Virgo
  11. We're both looking at Flood Watches, predictions for me are from 1.5 to 2", here's mine: Flash Flood Watch in effect from April 19, 02:00 PM EDT until April 20, 11:00 AM EDT Yours runs a little later than mine: Hazardous Weather Outlook Flash Flood Watch in effect from April 19, 08:00 PM EDT until April 20, 02:00 PM EDT The southern end of this front has three tornado watches in effect now: https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/
  12. Cignus

    Need Member Help: NWS Products

    Thanks for the rep PM! I've been checking the Hazards Map since I sent the email, #98 Blizzard Watch is still there.
  13. Cignus

    Lyrid meteor shower

    Thanks lynnie! Checking the reports page we should of been able to have seen it, if we were out. Meteor events have such a transient nature especially the days before and after the 'normal' sighting times. Looking at the sightings map, other persons seen it in the Hershey area, northern Lancaster county: