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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays


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  1. Cignus

    Virgin Galactic Test Flight

    I agree about the length of time, hardship, and fuel, 3.2.1 RocketMotorTwo (wikipedia) the use of exotic fuels such as what's listed is unacceptable mainly for the environment and if Branson wants to start making orbital flights I'd believe he's gonna need a bigger ship to carry more fuel. What's needed is a type of electromagnetic drive, companies are already working on it with some good and some bad results magnetic field space drive (google search) the bad results are the drive uses the Earth's magnetic field as a reflective source and it's claimed that when you're away from Earth the drive won't work so; Why not create your own field? btw: I'm no treehugger but do have concerns, like CO2 and the Ozone layer. If the polar ice caps melted, Long Island would be no more until Earth can regain its equilibrium; In a millennia? And I'd have beach front just North of Baltimore. Well at least my wife and I would only have an hour to drive instead of four. p.s. I'd say we're stuck with the corporate branding.
  2. History was made and a long-anticipated dream realized in Mojave, CA, yesterday as Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, VSS Unity, landed from her maiden spaceflight to cheers from Richard Branson and the teams from Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company. Not only is this the first human spaceflight to be launched from American soil since the final Space Shuttle mission in 2011, but the very first time that a crewed vehicle built for commercial, passenger service, has reached space.The historic achievement has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) who announced today that early next year they will present pilots Mark “Forger” Stucky and Frederick “CJ” Sturckow with FAA Commercial Astronaut Wings at a ceremony in Washington DC. CJ, as a four-time Space Shuttle pilot, will become the only person to have been awarded NASA and FAA wings. The spectacular spaceflight, which was witnessed by a large crowd of staff and their families, as well as special guests and media, saw a 60 second planned rocket motor burn which propelled VSS Unity to almost three times the speed of sound and to an apogee of 51.4 miles.
  3. Virgin Galactic test flight.
  4. Cignus

    December 12-13, 2018 | "Clipper"

    Thanks lynnie! Just finished watching the 11pm news and all those maps are showing 0.0 for the Burg except for the NAM it's still at 0.2. I'm heading for bed, goodnight.
  5. Cignus

    December 12-13, 2018 | "Clipper"

    Surprised to see our local met use several maps for comparison: Go to: ABC27Weather, click on video, maps show at 1:43 AFD I was out putting up Christmas lights and listening to the local NWR down in the shed and heard 'bout the rain showers that show on Clapper's previous animated gif. SMH, I gotta be out in the morning and it's gonna be just enough to make driving miserable watchin' out for others.
  6. Cignus


    Hi Tylor, go with Libre Office as backup for your personal machine, it will handle Word, Excel and more: I sent a Writer (Libre term for Word) file saved as .docx to PlanetMaster and he had no problems opening it. Download Page Happy Holidays, Steve
  7. Cignus

    December 8-10, 2018 | Winter Storm

    Hi Moshe, It's kind of the right place, but isn't, please go here so I can try to explain: An Explanation  for Moshe... After seeing JD's post maybe I mis-understood.
  8. Hi Moshe, It's kind of the right place, but isn't, this forum | Site Usage Guides | where you presently are would of been better, let me explain. A post like yours has a distracting effect to the continuity of the thread's subject. I saw PM suggest a forum to ask questions like yours but I'm not sure if this is where he meant and I lost the post where he mentioned it. I'll agree it is helpful if the members have their location (Locale) listed under their avatar, it gives a sense of how the storm(s) may affect their area and as you have done you added yours to your avatar through your profile. I'm using Elysium Planitia because of the recent inSight Mars Landing. At first almost everyone had their hometown listed in their locale but when the recent spam attack hit accuweather I noticed a majority of members decided to omit their location, read the link about the attack and the link at the top within PM's thread. An Admin or even a Mod could add the locale, but it is a personal choice that I believe they would rather stay out of. Give it some time and I think members will come around when the shock wears off.
  9. Cignus

    InSight has Landed...

    New raw images from InSight: Raw Images This is just a teaser you'll have to go to the site to work the viewer to enlarge the images from the Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC) and Instrument Context Camera (ICC). The IDC shows the images from the top of the lander, the ICC the Martian surface. Originally I called the circled object in my first pix the lander's foot because of a remark made by the JPL announcer during yesterday's telecast but looking at the enlarged images I'm not so sure because they don't look like they're connected to any structure on the lander. I think I can make out deeper shadows from the lander but those pads/covers? look more like points where the lander may have bounced during landing and scuffed up the soil. The dark mottling of the soil may have come from the scorching heat of the landing rockets. Related: Insight Lander Touches Down on Mars | skyandtelescope.com
  10. Cignus

    InSight has Landed...

    Added coverage: Post landing news conference Monday, Nov. 26, NET 5 p.m. EST. You should be able to use either of the above YT players, if not here's a link to NASA's Public TV
  11. Cignus

    InSight has Landed...

    My YT link may crash for awhile there was over 544,000 views when InSight was landing, it's now down to 332,867. Refresh page to fix. Here's InSight's first picture:
  12. Cignus

    InSight has Landed...

    InSight touchdown confirmed at 2:54:20pm EST
  13. Please make corrections for your local time, my link gives me the closest city to me and hopefully TimeandDate will pick up on your browser location and give you your closest city. If not, there is a "Find Eclipses in Your City" search function in the right information panel. Type in your Town and State then pick the closest city to you and it should take you to this eclipse. Another hope that I have is that I hope I'll be able to see it, my area is notorious for inclement, cloudy weather from November to March and thinking back I remembered that it can be stormy in this third to fourth week of January: 2017: January 23-24: Mixed Precipitation Storm 2016: January 23: Nor'easter / Blizzard | For this one we had 30" of snow 2015: January 26-27: New England / Long Island Blizzard 2011: January 24: Arctic Blast Source for events: Past Weather Events: NWS I usually add this link to plan for Clear Sky conditions it's Canadian in origin: Except for Darkness, clicking on the hourly blocks will take you to maps prepared by the CMC Canadian Meteorological Center Dress appropriately; Good Luck and Clear Skies!
  14. Cignus

    Watch the Mars Landing...

    The links in the quote will take you to the twitter feeds of the named links. My source link will take you to ESA Operations and the quote.
  15. Cignus

    Watch the Mars Landing...

    How to watch the landing If you can't make one of the landing parties try the NASA live link in the pinned section, it's on the list