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  1. From a learning standpoint, this winter and the general lack of consistency in models has been very frustrating. I find it a lot more difficult to draw conclusions when everything is all over the place and nothing ever verifies.
  2. Looks like he will be just annoying enough to make the Friday morning commute in the greater DC metro a pain.....
  3. NAM wants to give just enough to make tomorrow's commute a mess in the far west 'burbs of the DC/Baltimore metro.
  4. These posts are why I am here! Thank you!
  5. I would say this is spot on for my area. On the Mason-Dixon between Wash Co. Md and Franklin Co. PA.
  6. You can! There have been several social media stories about this lately. I've seen a pizza delivery and a donut delivery for sure. I think Chick-fil-a too..
  7. Does the ukie count sleet/zr as snow?
  8. Long time lurker (Since 2012) coming out of the woodwork to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your services in Butler Co! I grew up in the area and while I don't live there any more, my entire Facebook feed is extremely grateful for you!
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