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  1. Looks like we might fall just short of the latest 3"+ snow on record - not sure exactly what's going on at O'Hare. Snow will be winding down and should be through the entire city by 11 pm if not earlier.
  2. We had sleet for about an hour which was formed a nice icy coating for the snow to stick to once it transitioned back. Gotten close to an inch of new stuff, with a lot of it falling in the past 20 minutes. Snow is even sticking to pavement now.
  3. The sun angle is only 5% different than our storm on the 14th, temps are just even more marginal and there has been a lot of variance in intensity. I'm not disappointed regardless. It's been snowing all day and it's almost May, that's pretty neat.
  4. This has been fairly underwhelming after a promising start. Of course, the heaviest snow was supposed to be from 3-8 roughly, so there's still a chance for this to change. The sun setting would be a huge help I imagine.
  5. I don't know how to upload videos and have them play correctly so this is as good as it gets!
  6. Rain just turned to monster flakes. Let the games begin.
  7. Add the FV3 to the further north totals though it has moved considerably south. 0z run best yet for Chicago. It's a terrible model though.
  8. Milwaukee only gets remotely close to warning criteria on the NAM. They must really be clinging to it. GFS coming in south with Cary firmly in the bullseye still.
  9. 12K NAM still on the north end of guidance, though a noticeable southern shift from 12z to 0z. 3K NAM had been much more aligned with the other models, but it actually shifted north somewhat. Both are relatively non-events for me.
  10. Cary has been upgraded to a warning. Chicago still just a watch. Honestly, I'm amazed they even went this far seeing that they only issued WWAs after several inches had already fallen back on April 14th. Cary doesn't even want the snow. In all seriousness though, I'm always going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to marginal temps because I live in the city and only 2 miles from Lake Michigan. Cary's further north and west. I expect O'Hare will likely do well, too.
  11. 0z HRRR is super far south, maybe 75 miles N of St. Louis at 23z tomorrow.
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