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US Major Winter Storm

Big snow maker to cross country into this weekend, join the conversation!


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  1. Shot this picture at sunset with some high clouds still around. I just went back outside to check on the viewing conditions, and it is now completely clear, wind is calm, and a sizzling temp of 10 degrees above zero. ☺️
  2. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    Does anyone have an explanation or theory on a phenomenon that I find occurs very often where I am located. Notice the hole in the radar to the SW of Indy. This occurs in all seasons. This area is right in the flight path of two major runways at KIND and even as I wright this I hear planes on approach. This is also high ground looking down into downtown from out here. Several of my friends around here have also wondered the same thing over the years. It's always a dry hole that takes some time to fill in sometimes it doesn't. Had our own local mini drought last summer in this area too. I have screen shots going back years of this happening. Have even wondered if it was radar angle or something, but when it shows nothing, nothing is actually happening at the ground either. Update, after some light sleet, and freezing rain it is finally trying to snow. A dusting, 28 degrees and the wind almost took the screen door off the hinges last time I went out!
  3. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    Update from north Morgan County In, .6 of an inch of rain. This storm has almost erased all traces of last weekend's snow. The grass is looking greener imby, literally. Also it feels like one of those flash freezing with a dusting of snow kind of finales setting up here. My NWS local forcast is for maybe an inch for the rest of the day, and then half an inch over night. Oh well, me and the jeep went for a ride in the rain and checked out the woods and the creeks for a bit. Felt almost like spring. Anything more dramatic than rain or flurries happens I will update. :)
  4. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    .3 inches of cold rain so far in Morgan County In. I'm at the eastern tip of the wedge of less expected snow that goes back to Tera Haute along I-70 Changeover can't come soon enough for me. At least it hasn't been dreaded freezing rain.. Yet? ;)
  5. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    I love watching the water vaper loops
  6. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    This is it for snow cover here, just got down from a last minute climb and repair. Took a bird's eye view. Really was hoping to not have to start from scratch. Hopefully snow will win out over the ice. Have weather advisory, can see the next county north from up here, they have the storm warning. It will be fun to be off over the weekend (maybe) and watch whatever sort of precipitation falls from the sky. Everyone be safe :)
  7. i70split

    January 17th-18th storm

    Cold raining 33, 34 degrees, yuk.. interrupted by bouts of fog and drizzle since daylight this morning here. Radar shows snow/sleet line just a county to my north. Occasionally some of the rain has a touch of slush in it. Snow cover fighting hard to hang on but seeing patches of grass starting to appear. Hoping our snow fort/igloo can survive until reinforcements can arrive Saturday. Whatever makes it through will be rock hard after Sunday and battle ready 😉
  8. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    Sure don't like the ice /sleet stuff at all. Makes life extra difficult, especially with a couple of towers that are needing climbed. Snow makes for pretty pictures from above at least. Gotta try to look on the bright side Lol
  9. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    Runs like this make me wonder what I have done to anger the snow gods, going out of its way this time lol😉
  10. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    Hey, I resemble that remark! Lol Lived with this phenomenon most of my life along 70, almost never fails
  11. i70split

    January 18-20 2019 Winter Storm

    Heart skipped a couple of beats! Thought it was just me
  12. Going to keep an eye out. If the sky does clear up I really like looking up through the clarity of the cold air in the winter.
  13. i70split

    January 11-13 2019 Winter Storm

    Storm total at my house was a hair over 7" here in Northern Morgan County In. Second two pictures are from my parents in Pike county Illinois, who are just now being dug out, got over 16"
  14. i70split

    January 11-13 2019 Winter Storm

    A Hair shy of 6" at sunset . Just had a quick inch of the heavy big flakes.
  15. i70split

    January 11-13 2019 Winter Storm

    Just got this update from my parents in NE Pike county Illinois. Said a consistent 12" on level ground and still snowing.... Wow!