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  1. My credentials are that I probably tend to think too much about stuff. All stuff. Not to brag, but If you can think about it, I've probably thought about it. It can be debilitating (just ask my wife) lol Something that I would like to make sure gets brought into a climate, or any environment discussion is the impact that the landscape modifications humans have made over relatively short times to huge expanses of the globe and that they are also considered as a contributing factor. Sometimes I feel that when people put forth the premise that human endeavors are not substantial enough to have a global impact because the planet is so gosh darn big and dynamic,.. and what could little old us possibly ever do to it? I feel that is usually a good time to remind people to think about some of the amazing feats of progress, or of destruction, depending on your viewpoint, that have occurred and are continuing to occur. Desertification ranks fairly high on this list. It really wasn't that long ago with the invention of the iron furrowing plow that the Great Plains were destroyed.The Dust Bowl of the 1930s was a significant event that sort of got some attention. That destruction, or progress, also included huge swaths of post glacial fresh water marshes, lakes, bogs,swamps, and all manner of wetlands that were drained and are still currently being drained and tiled throughout the country. Also rivers and streams that were diverted and manipulated for transportation and for agriculture. Plenty of good old North America is deposited in the Gulf of Mexico now and plenty more still heading down stream everyday. The center of North America, if nothing else, was a gigantic sponge. It was full of nutrients and water from the past millennia and that was the basis for the exordinary biomass and the diversity of life that has unfortunately been quickly and easily exploited since it was discovered. Well, discovered isn't quite right. There were people here who were doing fine and would have probably been better off had they not been discoved. Granted they too had done their share of modification pre industrialization, but nature still had a fairly competitive chance and it appears that there may have been some conscious effort by these humans who were discovered here, to actually make a go of it living more in sync with the environment. Whether by necessity, or because they had more insight or reason, as I would like to think. Possibly they too would have ransacked the place if they had developed the means to do so. So, catching myself mid rant, sorry. These sorts of scenarios do affect the weather, sure it seems small and only locally at first. The forests south of me still generate their own cycle of showers in the heat of the summer(sadly less than they used to) But, imagine the original forests, from the plains to the Eastern seaboard. Combine with it the tall and short grass prairies, the marshes of the Great lakes that covered as much area as the Everglades, all essentially a single solid biological mass that tempered the climate. That would have had a huge impact on the water cycle and the temperatures of the hemisphere. It's not just here. Russian inland seas that are being used up, Iraqi marshes drained, tropical forests clear-cut,... drastic land modification everywhere you look. My opinion is that humanity hasn't slowed down or taken the time to thoughtfully think through the long term consequences of this fever pitched crusade to subdue the planet and all of the scary beasties lurking in the wilds whether they are real or imagined. For every last old growth giant tree, there's someone who wants to kill it. For every last example of any beast, be it lowly or majestic, there's someone who wants to kill it. It's very sad and disheartening. Longtime aquarium enthusiast here, and I have reighned over these micro climates many times over my life. I have been using the dirty unbalanced fish tank analogy for decades for what we have created. There will probably still be life on the planet even after us, but it's not gonna be very pretty. There is the thing where the world's oceans go out of wack and turn rancid from the deaths and subsequent decay of huge amounts of sea creatures and the gasses go into the atmosphere and that puts a pretty abrupt end to things that need to breath air in the form that we are used to. I think it's tied to one of the theories about one of the previous mass extinctions fairly early in the fossil record. Could conceivably occur again if we keep messing things up. I'm with you guys on all of this stuff. Pollution, invasive species, greed, waste, solar max, solar min, tilt wobbly axis syndrome, etc. And sure, volcanos and astoroid impacts, who could forget those... Blows my mind that people don't understand the significance of a few degrees and how it can disrupt so much. They must not get it because they are numb to what has already been lost. So much is collapsing everyday all around us and yet our everyday lives are still not impinged upon enough to even notice as long as we get quick service at the drive-thru. Me, personally, I've been worried about the corn crop failing this year. If not this year, some year soon. From what I can tell we are in a precarious situation. We can't expect to keep doing the damage and not expect to pay the consequences. Too late to just rinse the cartridges and do a partial water change. Also I sincerely don't want to offend anyone with my views or opinions. My messed up wit, sarcasm and general dorkness can sometimes be misinterpreted when I put it in word form. I've found it weird how science discussions have become so volatile now that the internet exists. Seems like in the early 80s in my zoology and ecology and science classes we had a good grasp of what was going on. Then boom. The rest of the world went forward and the United States stuck its head in the sand, or something.
  2. Heat has been dealt a blow here. First had a good outflow gust front from the northeast knock everything around as a multi cell line moving SE was caught up with by a cell coming across in front of it, that cut up into it from the southwest. Broke limbs tossed everything around with little rain. Then a 15 minute lull, and then lots of lightning and more 45 to 50mph gusts and torrential rain from the opposite direction. Needless to say there's lots of power outages between the three power companies our network runs on so I'm sitting in the middle of nowhere babysitting a generator underneath a watertower. Topping off the backup batteries to make sure that they make it past the 2am estimated restoration time, before I can get out of here. Still very muggy but not nearly as horrific as it felt earlier in the day. Hopefully this noisy generator doesn't bring Bigfoot out of the timber to tell me to knock it off,the blood thirsty mosquitoes are enough to contend with ;)
  3. @WeatherMongerwe got back really late tonight, had late start Saturday and were on the road still at that time. I will check with those who were there then and see what they say. I know that near there is a flight corridor for fighter jet intercept and dogfight practices and occasionally one will accidentally go supersonic. Mushrooming years ago I looked up and could plainly see the helmet on the pilot of an F-16 as he did a low level banking turn over where I was. They used to come up from StLouis and make runs at the Florence bridge, but haven't seen them do that in a while. Dad was telling someone today about a pair of F-15s he watched recently. Wasn't paying attention to whether it had anything to do with today (yesterday technically) There's even a Mig fighter out of Quincy that they sometimes chase around over that way!
  4. I hope you get to feeling better @WeatherMonger. I am skipping mowing for as long as I can. Not worth the stress it puts on the grass in this heat, or the stress it puts on me.
  5. We were lucky and got corn in close to on time because we're on high ground, tasseled and ears setting good now, lucky so far this year because usually it's been dry, over the last decade, and when it's dry it is REALLY dry where we are, and it seems like drought has been our biggest nemesis. But like lots of others we've already lost some beans that got in late from washing out in field in Pittsfield and what's left are on the small side. Been rough all around for farming this year. I saw it here in central Indiana all the way across Illinois last week when I was in Pekin. Going to Pike Co this weekend for a reunion going to be stupid hot from what is in the forcast. Wondering if these types of storms are going to be a continuing possibility with this heat?
  6. Parents in Pike county Illinois near Florence and Detroit just lost this Redbud, still lots of wind and heavy rain, hope the corn doesn't get flattened. Had no idea this was going to be an event today
  7. Hope you have good luck with your young ash trees. Has the emerald ash borer made it to your area yet? Do you know if there is anything that we can do to protect them? All of the ash trees around here in central Indiana seem to be dieing. It started showing up last year and has been really evident this year and it is very depressing. So far all of my adult white and green ashes are in serious decline or have already died. I do have lots of healthy saplings in the understory, some up to around 3 to 4 feet tall. Don't know why the borers haven't killed them too? Or at what size they will become vulnerable? My big fear is that when the EAB runs out of ash trees it could adapt to prey on other species. Read recently that there is some concern that maples could be vulnerable :(
  8. https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/qpf/ero.php?opt=curr&day=1 Hasn't rained much for couple of days and creeks are running nicely. I had hoped to run the gold dredge after work tonight, but looks like it won't be a good idea. Don't wanna accidentally get swept away.
  9. I'm just 12 miles or so NW of the tip of that arrow today. Currently very muggy with building cumulus in all directions.
  10. My family and I were at my niece's dance recital at the University of Indianapolis just few hrs ago and we were sent to the basement as a tornado warning went off. Appears that a possible touchdown with some significant damage occurred in Beech Grove just east of there. The news at 11 is showing at least one apartment building, and a taco bell with damage,and lots of trees down. Closest I've been to severe weather in a long time and wasn't able to get a cell signal down in that basement, plus hadn't been checking the phone during the program so felt blindsided. Got home and found 3.5 inches of rain in my gauge.
  11. 2.7 inches here so far. Sun broke through off and on for an hour or so,and it felt awfully muggy. Now the sky has been darkening again. I'm included in the tornado watch area. I guess I'll be watching.
  12. Not that I was hoping for a severe storm, but only a few rumblings and just two tenths of an inch of rain felt like a let down. Especially after the SPC upgraded the threat here above the slight risk this afternoon and put out a watch for severe thunderstorms until 9 tonight, which they have dropped a couple of hours early. For the most part everything of significance has skirted my area to the north and to the south for the entirety of these last two active weeks. Spent the day planting duct and hand holes with a mini excavator and the surface clay like concrete in places. At least the farmers catching up around here getting seeds in the ground. Some of the storms like to come here to die. Get a few cool looking clouds with outflow here and there. And the other end when convection happens around here it gives birth to storms almost overhead but then they scoot away someplace else. I don't know what the odds are at any one particular location, but it if you wanted to pick a spot that very seldom had a significant weather event, you'd be pretty comfortable around here. Oh I forgot about drought, we're actually pretty good at that.. ;)
  13. Mom just sent me this picture looking south from the east approach to the green bridge at Florence of the levee on the Illinois River. Usually there's some swampy backwater water down there,and in really dry years it's a mud flat.
  14. My mom took this picture today after just getting off of the green bridge over the Illinois River at Florence in Pike county. This place kind of expects some flooding, notice the air conditioning unit is built up on a platform. Lucky so far this year our crops are in and up, and they haven't washed out too bad, or been cut up by hail. I say so far, there's a long long way to go. So far drought doesn't look to be a problem.
  15. Issued watch one county to my east. Cell currently grazing me to my SW in Morgan County Indiana is pounding my place with pretty substantial wind gusts. It's soon to be crossing into the watch area where I imagine it might keep growing.
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