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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. i70split

    March 17th St. Patty's day snow

    Getting a little white to cover the St Patrick green this morning
  2. i70split

    March 13-14 High Winds

    Had a couple of hours of pretty intense gusts. Really picked up right before I got off of work at 5pm. We had a rash of local power outages. Luckily only had flickering at my place. The wind was really trying to blow me off of the road, and I took plenty of hits in the windshield from sticks, bark and debris as I went to pick my daughter up after work. Lost this Black Cherry Tree, and a huge chunk of my dead American Elm tree crashed down. Probably shouldn't have been out there, but caught a big limb crashing out of a Boxelder on video too.
  3. i70split

    March 13-14 High Winds

    Finally windy here southwest of Indianapolis in Morgan County Indiana. 68 degrees and gusts in the 30 to 40 mph range so far.
  4. i70split

    March 13-14 High Winds

    The advertised wind event hasn't started here in central Indiana either, but they did lengthen the advisory time window from 8pm tonight until 11pm. It appears that a pretty potent line of warned cells has formed and is passing to my southeast. Lots of interesting clouds, going in interesting directions here right now, and going very quickly. If any of that wind up there gets transferred down here and you can tell it will make a mess of things.
  5. i70split

    March 14, 2019 | Pi Day Severe Outbreak

    Just SW of Indy and we get 5min of light sky and peeks of sun and blue, then 10 minutes of moderate rain. Rinse and Repeat. At the surface the high winds haven't shown up yet,but advisery started at 11am. It's just got up to 57 so far according to the jeep's thermometer. The clouds are really moving fast and at angles to each other with height. Seems like any instability washes itself out as soon as it gets rolling. Imagine if nothing significant pops here soon that the winds and then the squall line will be my main concern around here. Feels like a late April day, with lots more rain than I had expected. Still haven't heard any thunder today. Hopefully everyone stays safe.
  6. i70split

    March 14, 2019 | Pi Day Severe Outbreak

    I am thankful for the heads up I get from following the forum. Invaluable as far as I am concerned both to understanding the dynamics of weather events ,and to being prepared for the worst while hoping for the safest outcomes. Keeps me on top of having the chainsaws sharpened,and the generators ready at home and at work.
  7. i70split

    March 9th-11th OV/GL Severe Weather

    Just came in from catching nightcrawlers with the wife and kids. 53 degrees and the amount of lightning to my west has really lessened over the last half hour. Still a couple of good booms though. Radar has it crossing I-70, should be rain here in a few minutes.
  8. i70split

    March 9th-11th OV/GL Severe Weather

    Just went and looked outside, inch and 3 tenths of rain. Up to 46 degrees warmest of the day so far. The ceiling is broken with patches of blue sky visible. Can see Sirius, I think, and the sliver of crescent moon. The low clouds are really flying by fast from the SSW to the NNE. The clouds further to the west that are blocking my view of the sunset resemble a mountain range. I guess now wait and see what excitement the squal line brings, and then another night of gusty winds. The local coyotes are making racket extra early tonight too. Spring for them no matter what the weather wants to do.
  9. i70split

    March 9-10 Heavy Rain and Winds

    Just hit an inch of rain here in Northern Morgan Co.IN, and have a flood advisory for small creeks, streams, low urban areas etc. Drizzling, the sky has lightened up, and more rain to the west. Surface of the ground was still frozen in places when I was out around noon. Lots of run off. They included this part of Indiana in the wind advisory too.
  10. i70split

    March 9-10 Heavy Rain and Winds

    My parents had 1.4 inches near Detroit in Pike county Illinois this morning, said water was everywhere, over the pond spillway, under the garage door etc. Muddy cold and wet.
  11. i70split

    March 9th-11th OV/GL Severe Weather

    That didn't take long. Moderate rain and thunder. But it still feels like winter at the moment. Hopefully when the warm front gets a little further north we'll get a quick glimpse of Spring
  12. i70split

    March 9th-11th OV/GL Severe Weather

    Wind has picked up. I was just out in the woods and decided I'd better get out before more dead fall comes down. Quite a mess out there after the high wind events we have had so far this winter. Temp has climbed up to 40 so far, it started at 33 when I left the house this morning. Going to 53 they say by late this afternoon. It will be interesting to see if any thunder gets up this way. Sure doesn't look or feel like that kind of a day out there..
  13. i70split

    March 7th-8th OV/GL Winter Storm

    A slightly crunchy dusting on cold surfaces is about it here SW of Indy in N Morgan Co.
  14. i70split

    March 7th-8th OV/GL Winter Storm

    Flurries started around 4 pm. Over the last hour it has ramped up to light snow. Only a dusting so far. In northern Morgan County Indiana.
  15. i70split

    March 3rd-5th Winter Storm

    I measured about an inch on the grass here 20 miles southwest of Indianapolis. It came down pretty hard for a short while this afternoon and was nice to see the ground get covered. Just had a couple peeks of sunshine, I think it is pretty much done now. On to the cold.