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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays


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  1. TheRex

    December 14-17, 2018 | "Winter" Storm

    The 21Z SREF has me at 2.5" of snow by Tuesday morning. The SREFs seem to have been a good predictor of our local snowfall this season.
  2. TheRex

    December 14-17, 2018 | "Winter" Storm

    Looks like the Nam is putting down about an inch an hour snowfall on Sunday night into Monday in your region.
  3. TheRex

    December 12-13, 2018 | "Clipper"

    Not sure if this is from the system this thread references but I picked up an inch of light fluffy snow over the last 16 hours. Started at 8 pm last night and ended around noon today. It was just enough snow to whiten the existing snow pack. Currently 19° and sunny.
  4. TheRex

    December 8-10, 2018 | Winter Storm

    Congratulations on those down south getting a big snow storm in early December?
  5. 25F here with light snow falling most of the day. The snow rate picked up after sundown and we are now approaching the very fluffy 1 inch mark. It was a great night for me. Went to Middlebury to watch the new Warren Miller ski flick and won a season's pass to Smuggler's Notch. Then drove home through nice falling snow. The snow added to the ski movie ambiance.
  6. TheRex

    December 2-4, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    Made it to 45F today before noon. Temp has fallen to 33F with light snow falling now. My yard is only about half covered now with snow due to all the melting over the last two days. The snow that is left should turn into a glacier with temperatures not expected to get above freezing at least through next Monday.
  7. TheRex

    December 2-4, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    30F and expecting up to an inch of snow before the change over to plain rain. I hope we don't have much freezing rain because I like having power.
  8. TheRex

    December 2-4, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    00Z 3K NAM not looking good for parts of Upstate NY and the mountains of VT. The trees in the higher elevations are still loaded with the low ratio snow of earlier this week. This could be a set up for electrical and other issues for people in that region.
  9. It is almost like more expensive the ticket, the more "generous" they are on their ski report. I've been to Jay on one of those days. They told me all the new snow blows into the trees. Plus, if they were willing to rip off all those investors, what is a couple of inches of extra snow on a report🤣
  10. Bolton says they average 300" but I think that may be generous. They are located in what I would call a mini box canyon so at times the northern section of the ski area can get a noticeable greater amount of snow than what falls at their southern section. Last March was kind to them with an event that lasted 4 days and saved a ski season that I had written off in February.
  11. Snow showers have been moving through today but the temperature of 35 has kept from anything new accumulating. I did drive up to Bolton Valley today and got a few pictures. They are reporting a season total of 82 inches. I've attached a couple of pictures in the spoiler.
  12. Seems as the storm finally ended here. Nothing seemed to accumulate last night. Total storm total was 9 inches. Yesterday's 3 inches were tougher on my snow blower than the 6 inches on Tuesday. Mad River Glen reporting 27-33 inches from this storm while Bolton Valley is reporting 32 inches. Both ski resorts say it is still snowing this morning.
  13. 34F and light snow continues. There was little accumulation after the morning due to temps. I think we may accumulate around and inch tonight as the temps drop.
  14. 35F with light snow. Forecast is for snow through midnight with 1 to 3 inches of additional accumulation.
  15. 32 degrees and moderate snow this morning. We picked up 6 inches yesterday and have between 2 and 3 inches overnight. We have not seen any rain from this storm and there has been snow falling since around 5 a.m. yesterday. It is supposedly going to continue to about midnight.