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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. I happened to see that BTV released a synoptic and mesoscale review of the March 22-23 storm so I thought I would paste the url here and paste the article below if someone was interested. I read it but found it too technical for me to understand very much. Someone else on this board may find it very educational. https://www.weather.gov/btv/A-Synoptic-and-Mesoscale-Review-of-the-22-23-March-2019-Heavy-Wet-Snowfall-across-the-North-Country
  2. Current OBS: 32F and moderate rain. Not a nice day.
  3. 32F here with moderate snow falling. Grass and other cold surfaces have turned white.
  4. I stopped the car on the way home to take this picture in a sheltered area where the trees held onto the snow. I ended getting 10" at home. We received 4" before midnight and then another 6" from midnight until the end of the storm. The snow is very heavy and hard to shovel and there are very noticeable accumulation differences with just small changes of elevation. My unoffical snow total for the year is 99". I will be excited for the next inch of snow!
  5. Pic from Bolton Valley which reported 20" at 6 am. It so bad up here that I even saw a Subaru stuck in the parking lot.
  6. I was just about to post the avalanche watch but you beat me to it. We have lost power which is the first time in 4 years. The power company lists that 85% of the town near me has lost power. Currently 25F and snowing g and windy. Not sure how many inches of snow yet. Thinking around 8" but I will measure later this morning. I heard of totals over a foot in some areas last night before I went to bed. This storm has been an over performer compared where the NWS had our forecast yesterday at this time.
  7. BTV also upgraded the western part of Chittenden county to a Winter Storm Warning. Total of 4” near Lake Champlain with a foot in the eastern sections.
  8. View from the bar at Bolton Valley. 4 to 6 inches so far with much more to come.
  9. This was supposed to be a mix of snow and rain. We had some rain overnight but all snow since 7:45. Temp down to 32F. I’m surprised to see it sticking on the blacktop driveway at this point. Most of the yard was brown to start the day.
  10. BTV NWS forecast discussion of this tricky system. It is 35F here currently with snow falling but expected to change back to rain around noon and then back to snow late tonight. It will be an interesting day.
  11. Over the last 24 hours, the NAM has moved the heavy snowfall way east for this storm. Those in New Brunswick Canada better start getting prepared if this thing keeps trending east.
  12. Looking like 00Z NAM is showing a lot of love to northern Maine and New Hampshire. Will the storm be more east than earlier forecasts?
  13. I was skiing today and can report snow flakes falling from the sky starting at 5 pm at Bolton Valley. The forecast was to start as rain before turning to snow but did not see any rain drops until driving home in the valleys. I've got my fingers crossed for more snow, less rain.
  14. 9.5” for BTV on the SREFs. I have found they have been fairly accurate this winter if I use the snowfall amount from the model run right before the storm starts. I use them to know if I should put gas in the snowblower or not.
  15. BTV NWS onboard for heavy snow in the mountains. My valley location forecast is 2" to 4" during Friday night.