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  1. We got down to 39 last night and was around 50 for a high. I had to crank up the pellet stove which I thought I was done with weeks ago. Here is a what a stove looks like in late May in VT.
  2. My rain gauge this more said 1.92” of rain over the last 24 hours. I thought it was reading high until I saw readings to my east on the CoCoRaHs site of around 3” of rain. All of that rain came in a fairly short amount of time.
  3. Heavy rain with severe lightning here. Our first real thunderstorm of the year that I can recall.
  4. My forecast for Saturday night/Sunday morning. It may be me last shot at flakes for the season.
  5. I lived in NJ when Sandy hit. Neighbors around me lost trees but I was lucky. About a month or so later I leave for work before sunrise and I notice the power line by my house was hanging low. My wife called me at work later that morning and a huge evergreen tree in my front yard toppled over and hit the power line and was partly in the road. I didn't even notice it leaving the house that early. The weird thing was that the wind wasn't too heavy the night the tree blew down. I guess it was just its time to keel over.
  6. The 18Z NAM is close to the GSF-FV3, just not as cold which brings down the snowfall totals to minimal amounts.
  7. I'm not a fan of the GFS-FV3 but it has been consistent the last several runs of snow across northern areas. Here's a GIF of the last 10 model runs:
  8. I happened to see that BTV released a synoptic and mesoscale review of the March 22-23 storm so I thought I would paste the url here and paste the article below if someone was interested. I read it but found it too technical for me to understand very much. Someone else on this board may find it very educational. https://www.weather.gov/btv/A-Synoptic-and-Mesoscale-Review-of-the-22-23-March-2019-Heavy-Wet-Snowfall-across-the-North-Country
  9. 32F here with moderate snow falling. Grass and other cold surfaces have turned white.
  10. I stopped the car on the way home to take this picture in a sheltered area where the trees held onto the snow. I ended getting 10" at home. We received 4" before midnight and then another 6" from midnight until the end of the storm. The snow is very heavy and hard to shovel and there are very noticeable accumulation differences with just small changes of elevation. My unoffical snow total for the year is 99". I will be excited for the next inch of snow!
  11. Pic from Bolton Valley which reported 20" at 6 am. It so bad up here that I even saw a Subaru stuck in the parking lot.
  12. I was just about to post the avalanche watch but you beat me to it. We have lost power which is the first time in 4 years. The power company lists that 85% of the town near me has lost power. Currently 25F and snowing g and windy. Not sure how many inches of snow yet. Thinking around 8" but I will measure later this morning. I heard of totals over a foot in some areas last night before I went to bed. This storm has been an over performer compared where the NWS had our forecast yesterday at this time.
  13. BTV also upgraded the western part of Chittenden county to a Winter Storm Warning. Total of 4” near Lake Champlain with a foot in the eastern sections.
  14. View from the bar at Bolton Valley. 4 to 6 inches so far with much more to come.
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