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  1. After this past spring I never thought I would say we need any rain, but here we are. My vegetable gardens are very happy right now....it's coming down hard.
  2. Those are snowdrops. Very pretty.
  3. My son works in Oswego....says the snow has been impressive. But he's not a fan of driving in it.
  4. About 4" of snow near Saratoga Springs NY. And....I'm done. Absolutely ready for spring.
  5. We got about 4" in Ballston Spa NY......which is about what was predicted.
  6. Just started snowing in Waterford NY.....very light, big flakes. 12 degrees.
  7. I'm up in Saratoga County north of Albany and the locals are saying we should get 2" to 4" up here. 6 degrees F presently where I work and very dry. Unfortunately, I need to do some outside work today before any snow falls and buries my flush mount wells. Just uncovered them from the last snowfall/ice event.
  8. Near Saratoga Springs NY it's -1 ⁰ and here at work (just north of Troy NY) it's 0 ⁰ with light wind. Brutal out there. Loving the haiku's.
  9. Total in Ballston Spa NY was 17", at least at my place. Cold is absolutely brutal right now 0 degrees with wind. A lot of my work is outside but I'm going to just stay in the office today, flannel lined carhartts or not.
  10. We have 12.5" in Ballston Spa NY. Woke up to sleet but it's now transitioning back to snow. Temp is 19.5F. Very pretty out there.
  11. Thanks for all the great discussion, love watching and learning. And you all tickle my funny bone (which makes for strange looks at work). Finally going to be a hit for my area.....we have been under that invisible snow dome for a while. Ski areas will be very happy.
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