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  1. I always wondered what Superman's cells looked like...
  2. Hope you stay safe! Looks like a beast of a storm.
  3. Live coverage from Wave3 in Louisville here: https://www.facebook.com/wave3news/videos/2210643815698653/?notif_id=1552585575200000&notif_t=live_video_share
  4. Freezing line seems to be matching the pace of the Euro better than the NAM 3km is doing. NAM 3km is a couple hours slower with the eastward progression of the freezing line. Doesn't sound like much of a difference but that would be what determines 2 more hours of heavy rain or heavy snow for me tonight.
  5. Past 5 runs of the 3km NAM...major differences county to county along the Ohio river with each run.
  6. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the size of this beast...
  7. This person's response tickled me good
  8. Huge qpf difference for KY from NAM at 42hr 12z to 06z...
  9. 12z NAM so far at hr 21 pretty similar to 06z run.
  10. The most recent NAM has me back on here like...
  11. Flash Freeze Sat night is going to be the main headline in my area. Around 2.5 inches of rain on an already saturated ground followed through with plummeting temps...gonna have a lot of frozen puddles.
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