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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. I'm sitting at 1.31" of rain now in Lebanon. With the heaviest rain coming later this afternoon into tonight, should be no problem getting well over 2" of rain out of this.
  2. I am already at 0.50" of rain in Lebanon. Should easily get 2-3" with this storm
  3. With those Euro snow maps and not one headline in NY state
  4. 12Z Euro snowfall map
  5. 18Z Hi Res NAM looks juicy too. Boundary layer is highly marginal but fascinating nonetheless.
  6. Holy QPF on the 18Z NAM
  7. Snow is tapering off now in Lebanon, PA. Appears the final total here will be 6.5”. Not too shabby as it really came down good for several hours all evening
  8. Just measured 5” in Lebanon, Pa. Amazing rates all evening since about 5PM. Looks like I got a couple more hours to go and it should taper off.
  9. Almost at 4” now in Lebanon PA. Snowing at least 1.5”/hr now.
  10. You must be right on the line then as I believe central Lancaster County is all snow
  11. Has it been sleet or just rain?? Im 30 miles north and it has been nothing but heavy snow and over 3” now
  12. Just measured 3” in Lebanon, PA. Thats an additonal inch in the last 50 mins. Heavy snow continues now.
  13. Some big time rates building along the Mason Dixon line and streaming northeastward.
  14. Just measured 2” in Lebanon PA with heavy snow now and visibility 1/4 mile. Roads are now getting covered. Temp is 31F
  15. Latest SPC analysis shows some weaker lows well into WV and some stronger pressure falls towards the Delmarva