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  1. I know I live in the boonies, but I should not have a duck in my yard...just saying.

  2. I use this, no issues. https://www.scaledinstruments.com/shop/davis-instruments/hardware-data-loggers-software/hardware-software-bundles/wifilogger/ I don't have a computer running 24/7, so if I wanted to upload constantly I would have needed Weatherlink IP from Davis. They're waaayyyy too proud of that, even getting it from places other than Davis itself is pretty spendy. This does the same thing for a lot less money.
  3. So where's this "Spring" thing I hear so much about?

  4. And possibly snow again this weekend...ugh.  Whatever.

  5. 83 Tomorrow and still snow drifts on the ground....

  6. 80+ inches since  Christmas give or take...no mas!

  7. Have a friend in Lawrenceville area, said he puckered up a bit lol.
  8. Good thing I didn't take the snow bucket off....

  9. Take it.....take it all! Hoping it shifts south and east. Or anywhere TBH. Only snow left is in shelterbelts and where it was piled. I'm done. 6th snowiest on record here I believe. Pretty much all of it after Christmas.
  10. Next week looks peachy....

  11. Sioux Falls SD has set up several cameras to monitor the Big Sioux flooding in the coming days/weeks. It is predicted to hit major flood stage on the 25th and expected crest is the 31st. http://siouxfalls.org/flood/webcams Not really sure where the best place for this would be, so feel free to move the thread if need be.
  12. Some might be a little off. For example Aberdeen SD, has 67.6" total listed on that map, with an anomaly of 34.4". Aberdeen has an annual average of 38" according to usclimatedata. Those numbers don't figure out right. Now that may be because maybe the total hasn't updated but the anomaly has or something like that. Not peeing in anybody's cheerios, just pointing out a difference I found at the closest report to me
  13. SoDakFarmer

    Radar Omega

    Yay? Nay? Thoughts?
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