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  1. So the takeaway is that people interested in weather are apparently on their last legs aries, it's nice to know I can throw out ferritin and not have to explain it lol.
  2. 999 total topics.....

    1. PlanetMaster


      I wanted to post 1000 in the milestones thread but I cant find it! Where is it?


  3. I also have high iron and have hereditary hemochromatosis, AND fatty liver.... AND do the phlebotomy treatment. Ferritin was 2024 at its highest! I had everything out of whack, potassium was down to 1.8 (that’s not good kids), and ended up laying in a hospital bed for 6 days. Sparing all the boring details about things like how my legs didn’t work right for a month and still aren’t 100% normal almost 5 years later amongst many other things, all I can say is preventative maintenance is something to take seriously
  4. We don’t half-ass things out here!
  5. Yay.... Aberdeen sounding. I’m 20 miles south of there. So most of what I’ve been reading is saying it’s most likely going to pop in ND, and not here. But you’re saying it’s capped in ND and open for business in SD. What’s the discrepancy? Im not doubting either choice as I have zero clue on how to read a sounding! Just curiosity is all.
  6. All I know is that it’s gross outside right now....
  7. Finally getting caught up on the farm, time to get caught up here!

  8. My weather finally straightens out so I can get some work done....and then Mother Nature goes bat shit crazy on everybody else 🙄
  9. I would have only missed 106 cycles of my sump pump in that amount of time. Would be fine I'm sure
  10. Yuck. If any time in the next couple months my power goes out, I'm immediately running my generator. With the near record snow and now ridiculous rain, my pump is running every 3 minutes and 23 seconds.....as of 10 minutes ago lol (I time it just to see if I keep speeding up lol). Had it up to almost half an hour before the last 3 and a half inches since Friday night.
  11. Sorry for the circle, had to point it out to my wife. CC05DFDE-7A26-4419-B4DA-41E0B9DB8356.mov
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