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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Sioux Falls SD has set up several cameras to monitor the Big Sioux flooding in the coming days/weeks. It is predicted to hit major flood stage on the 25th and expected crest is the 31st. http://siouxfalls.org/flood/webcams Not really sure where the best place for this would be, so feel free to move the thread if need be.
  2. SoDakFarmer

    Annual snowfall amounts

    That makes sense now!
  3. SoDakFarmer

    Annual snowfall amounts

    Some might be a little off. For example Aberdeen SD, has 67.6" total listed on that map, with an anomaly of 34.4". Aberdeen has an annual average of 38" according to usclimatedata. Those numbers don't figure out right. Now that may be because maybe the total hasn't updated but the anomaly has or something like that. Not peeing in anybody's cheerios, just pointing out a difference I found at the closest report to me
  4. SoDakFarmer

    Radar Omega

    Yay? Nay? Thoughts?
  5. You sure? But if you're wishing, you can have them as far as I'm concerned lol.
  6. This storm really blows.......

    1. PlanetMaster


      Ingrate :classic_tongue:l

      I would take a tenth of the Winter weather you saw this season and be satisfied for an eternity.

    2. SoDakFarmer


      This didn’t turn out too bad.   Not a ton of snow but my my my, the wind!  Glad I didn't get the rain like the southern part of the state or Nebraska.  That’s just bad bad news.

  7. Good a place as any to drop this...... *edit* Not sure why that didn't work.
  8. I get to be in the wonderful transition zone. Freezing rain then snow. Blizzard warnings start one county to the west, flood warnings to the south and east. So I get to fight possible heavy rain which should be peachy with all the snow around, then freezing rain, then anybody’s guess as to how much snow to go with the wind. . Generator is ready, spare sump pump is ready,, snow is off the roof. I wish I could still drink...
  9. Not a blizzard warning this time.... that’s new!

  10. SoDakFarmer

    Test your browsers HTML 5 capabilities

    I will confirm that this fix works.
  11. More cold....yayyyyy! :forumsmiley1641-1:

  12. SoDakFarmer

    Test your browsers HTML 5 capabilities

    All worked.
  13. For numbers junkies, IMBY...... 58 hours 55 minutes below zero. 49 hours 50 minutes of that time was -10 or colder 24 hours 5 minutes -20 or colder 3 hours 40 minutes -30 or colder I set my PWS to log every 5 minutes, hence the increments. So it's ballpark, but within a few minutes one way or the other