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  1. GFS nailed the totals even a few days before. If it stays cold and cloudy and the GFS is right again, we could have 12-25 inches of total snow depth in most Puget Sound surrounding areas that aren't downtown Seattle and the SoDo region.
  2. South of Seattle averaged around 6-8". This is what it looked like on my street near KSEA at 9AM. Surprisingly it had been plowed at least once. Some areas managed over 1ft+. We're in for more tonight and more Monday into Wednesday. A messy week forward for the Puget Sound region.
  3. Looks like there is a massive area of rain shadowing that's going to really upset a lot of people with this storm.
  4. Have been hearing some talk about this locally now. Local meteorologists predicting around 5-8 inches for the Seattle area, with spots up to 1ft+. This is a major snow event for the Seattle metro area, Olympia, Tacoma.
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