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  1. Some mets are inclined to take the GFS out to dinner before getting to the hugging part.
  2. There was at least 2 feet from the March 2017 storm.
  3. I live in the city of 17.8". I am going to take a nap until monday morning to see if it verifies.
  4. At KAVP there was a high of 60° in mid to late February . The snow cover survived. Snow cover was from solstice to equinox roughly and that was a record. Had 16.6" I think right before the brutal arctic outbreak and that was that winter's biggest storm and the one that gave so much ZR to Philly and other 95 corridor locales. There was about , dunno, 6" or a bit more on the ground before the 16.6" and that left a record for snow depth until the week after the 96 blizzard. A record low high was set of -2° followed by the still standing record low of -21°. At one point a rumor coming from Penn State said a 50" storm was coming and snow piles were being moved to the river but of course that model output was a fluke. The winter's second largest snowfall came in early March of 11 point something inches. A few nickel and dime events and then right after the equinox or so the snow was gone but on April 1 it was in the 70s and I could see the snow on the mountains from the valley floor. A friend and I went up there and it was amazing to walk from the warm side of the road go into the conifer-dominated forest with deep snow under the canopy and it felt like walking into a fridge. I've read speculations about there being a connection with that winter along with the March 1993 blizzard being a result of the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo. Maybe there should be a geology section here.
  5. Does ITCZ stand for Internet Technical Czech(Republic) Zeitgeist?
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