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  1. A couple off-and-on snow showers here in MontCo, PA. Was driving out to get some lunch and some of them were heavy enough to drop visibility pretty good. Laying enough to send some wisps of powder swirling on the roads.
  2. 6" of the heaviest stuff I've had to clean up this Winter. Wish I had a half decent camera and a place to get a good picture, though. There were some great views as the sun came up over top of the snow covered trees. And now it's already cleaning up fast on the roads & sidewalks.
  3. 2-hour delay for the schools around here. I shoveled about 3" up, but I couldn't believe that it was all snow to the bottom. Not 1" of snow, .5" of sleet, a crust of freezing rain....just snow! A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
  4. Just enough dusting to have to clean a bit off the cars here in SEPA this morning. Crossed one small bridge over a creek that made the car judder a bit, but, beyond that, the roads were just wet. 31F in the air, and the dew point just dropped like a rock over the past 45 minutes - down to 26F.
  5. Some of the work we do is indirectly tied to the power companies, so some of my co-workers are trying to get a feel for when they can stop worrying about power failures.
  6. Mt. Holly has us in the wind warning until 6pm tonight, but gives little extra info in the warning. Is there a specific time when these winds are supposed to peak and then wind down?
  7. Steady snow for about the last 50-55 minutes here in MontCo, PA. Have a nice coating and it's accumulating fairly quickly. Temps at 26F (down from 28F before the snow started) and Dew Point at 21F (up from 14 this morning)
  8. Same thing for that storm. Heard stories of some students not getting home 4-5 hours after dismissal. Feels like the past few years they keep getting caught out in the same situations.
  9. Cold air actually in place this morning ahead of this storm. I'm really starting to have some hope in this one. Unfortunately all the models I've been watching are putting the start time around 9am in my area, and snowing fairly heavily through mid-day, which is the nightmare scenario for the School Districts...especially since they feel like they got burned last Tuesday. Not sure how they should play it, but no one wants to end up with one of those situations where the kids are getting released at the height of the storm and the buses take 4-6 hours to get everyone home.
  10. Rain as I went to bed last night in SEPA. It may have changed briefly to something frozen while I was sleeping, but I wouldn't have known. Woke up to nothing but wet, soggy ground. Ended up looking more like an early Spring rain shower than anything of Wintry consequence.
  11. Cue up the Four Tops and "It's the Same Old Song" at least for this Winter.
  12. Just shoveled up about 2-3 inches of an assortment of frozen precip. Getting a really good melt after shoveling too. A little bit of salt and I already have the cleanest walk on the block. Straight up rain starting to fall as we have broken out of the 28F stalemate and are now soaring past 32F.
  13. Still struggling to get anywhere above 28F here. Continuing to waffle between fine snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Dog had a terrible time trying to find a footing on the sidewalks. Roadways seem like they should be passable, but the scanner feed is full of accidents. So “bust” may not be the best term. Definitely affecting things around the MontCo, PA area.
  14. Very strange. Temps just not budging right now, and actually retreating from earlier this morning. Expecting a changeover, but only seeing 28-29 for stations miles and miles around me.
  15. Lots of sleet and freezing rain here. Temps have stayed around 28F and actually dropped a bit over the last hour. Hoping we can warm up, otherwise we could see some decent icing.
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