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WX Disco June Newsletter

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Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the wet and mild summer so far. Maybe the Sun will shine again this weekend, let’s hope?

Anyway a few things to talk about including the new site.

WX Disco 2020

This weekend I will allow access to the new dashboard theme just for testing. It’s only a template and much still to do but members can test it in all their different devices and give feedback so I can fix or fine tune anything that needs attention. The theme will allow me to add the new features we spoke about a few months ago. Right now I am working on several projects, one being the WX Disco application, and time is slim at the moment but I did test some METARS from NWS on the new site and looks pretty good, still learning their API and how to access data but getting there slowly but surely. I am going to create a severe weather center as well as a tropical weather center to start since those are the most pressing weather features this time of year. We should really start to see this come together first half of July. Hope everyone is happy with the new setup and of course we will be making changes to suit all.


On another note we are financially starved right now. The summer kick off drive was a failure as far as reaching our goal, barely a third of what we hoped to raise. Those who did chip in get a great big thanks but unfortunately it wasn't nearly enough. I was able to pay the server for June and renew the IPS software license for another 6 months which is awesome. July’s server payment will be made by myself with the help of  @lynniethelurker but after that it’s all on me, which I don’t mind, but help would be appreciated. I was trying to knock out the rest of this year with the summer kick off so we wouldn't have to worry. So if anyone can throw a few coins in the hat it would be appreciated and a great help.



Security at this site will see a major facelift. Email will be upgraded to allow only TLS connections which means if your email service provider doesn't accept secure email than you will not get email from our server. If that’s the case find a new email provider cause it simply means they don’t care about your privacy and security so tell them to kick rocks. Because of this I am trying my best to get the WX Disco member email setup as well in the next few days so those with sub-par email providers can experience top of the line and secure/private email. More on this over the weekend.


Cheers and have a lovely day,

@PlanetMaster and the WX DISCO Staff

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