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Earths Evolving Climate

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Finally getting my climate change blog started and welcome any members joining the conversation and adding their own thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

The blog is about the science of climate change and has no political non sense what so ever which is truly irrelevant to the subject matter anyway. Will be talking about Paleoclimate events in Earths past,  citing dramatic climate change events on other planets in our own solar system and the overall fundamental laws of nature and the Universe. This will be pure science, my own thoughts and theories based on my research and observation over the past 45 years of loving the weather and dynamics of our atmosphere.

Will also talk about extinction level events related to past climatic changes and how we could possibly see the same results, or worse, in a runaway climate event which we may already be starting to see the beginnings of in our time. 

More info and an overview of what I will be talking about can be read in these 4 or 5 consecutive posts that erroneously got posted in the 2019-202 Long Range Winter Outlook. :classic_tongue: Now I am talking absolute worse case scenarios there but don't let that fool you we are on a very dangerous path that could ultimately lead to similar results (hope not)

The dates (years in the future) for my Winter forecast are admittedly exaggerated, and we wont have a dead planet in a hundreds years (*At least I hope not) due to the changing climate. But the threat and the urgency is real, quite dire, and honestly we just don't know as this is new and scary territory for humanity.


The Blog

Posted a video for those who like intense weather images and want to know more about what climate change is and what it means to us all as far as the weather is concerned to start things off.



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Posted (edited)

I like the idea of a rubber band snapping as to how our climate will evolve. We have had many instances of that in the past. The warming will cause animals to become extinct as well as the cooling that, usually, ensues after such warming. The things that survive will ultimately be better suited in the new climate that takes over and such an unfortunate thing to have to happen, but mama nature does not care. I know Ill hear flak for it but still a firm believer in this being a natural process. Humans have influence on microscale processes look at UHI for example. As far as going meso and even synoptic  scale i don't think we have the capability there, yet, for that type of change. CO2 while powerful, water vapor has a much stronger presence in changing larger regions 4x more powerful at re-radiating heat back to the surface. Methane even more so I believe 12-16x that of CO2 but I dont believe methane concentrations arent quite to that level yet to really make me worry, we will see how the whole permafrost thing goes. Both of those though have a much lower presence in the atmosphere then CO2, so i believe this is why many focus on that aspect. 

One thing we as humans can do is fairly simple clean up after yourselves! Dont let your trash go wherever, do your best to recycle properly, use less plastics and other non biodegradable products (hazardous materials). We should be working on getting to cleaner technology, we will see how this one goes. Produce less trash!!! This is a huge issue and will be exponentially worse within the next 5 to 10 years on already seemingly broken system because what do we do with all the trash that is around now? We need to clean the air, clean the water systems, stop dumping waste material because it is cheaper and dont wanna spend the money because it cuts into profits too much. Its great we have big business it helps a lot of folks out (jobs, cheaper goods, etc.) but there are some serious issues that need to be addressed that no one talks about ever.

I know it sounds like im just spouting out information and things that should be obvious to everyone but we still face a lot of these issues that we can make changes to better the future that are a left untouched until it comes the point where we really need to fix it or deal with the consequences of not acting in time. It is a human thing to see all of the stuff happening to us but not react until it turns severe or ends up being unchangeable. Think this should clearly change but changing folks minds is virtually impossible until it fully affects them and then things need to start to change but that is too little too late. 

I do not believe though we can reverse what has started, but we can still make changes in our lives and maybe help slow the transition so it isnt nearly as drastic of a shift that causes major issues. If we are the cause of the issue lets change that, if we arent the cause of the issue lets not make it so that we actually do influence such climatic shifts. Regardless of where you stand on the debate we can all make these changes to make things hopefully better for all and not be so ignorant to what is going on around us. 

P.S. I wanna add this is in no way directed toward any individual, I myself for years have not taken trash production seriously and drove as I pleased cause I felt like it. I am trying to make a change in my lifestyle though to not be so ignorant to what is going on around me and change my ways. Why cause pollution why destroy the environment around me that helps me live and why allow businesses to be greedy and folks get suckered into supporting companies who destroy local ecosystems in the name of business.

End of rant will stop in then to see how others feel on the subject. Again these are things I have noticed going on around me but more often go left unsaid or talked down as if it is nothing. 

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It's probably only natural that I, as a nature lover, would agree with pretty much everything you said, @so_whats_happening. I started my college days in 1971 as a biology major at Penn State, and when my student adviser approached me regarding a brand new curriculum, "Environmental Resource Management', when I was a sophomore, I jumped on that asap. Even as a teen, concern for our environment, and how we humans disrespect our planet, was of utmost importance to me. The ERM curriculum was in its infancy though, and we were thrown a course about forestry here, microbiology there, but no core or direction to follow within the major itself, so when the first ERM class graduated, we had one or two people out of over 100 that were able to obtain a job in the field. I am certain PSU has revamped, or completely changed it by now, but their premise at the time was spot on, I felt. 

Now, my rant. Hundreds of years ago, no one was aware of the damage that we humans could have on the earth, so I give them a pass for being ignorant of their effect on her. However, for decades now, we KNOW what we're doing to our water when we allow industrial waste, sewage, and all kinds of pollutants to flow into our waterways. We KNOW how badly we're screwing up our atmosphere, but now, with the new regime (sorry, it's part and parcel of this) in office, regulations are being rolled back every day, and I feel helpless to stop it!! It breaks my heart to see what we've done to our home, and it feels like the majority just don't care. I feel that greed has played a major role in the lack of concern about environmental pollution. Greed has become the driving force in legislation in our country...if you can save a buck, to hell with protecting the air and water, to hell with recycling. Everything is disposable now, made of plastic which never breaks down. We have islands of plastic human waste in our oceans. It's disgusting.

Fossil fuels!!! There are much better ways to provide energy...wind, solar...spend some freaking money on research for that, for crying out loud!! The crap this country wastes money on, it's mind-boggling. I'm heading down a path best left for other venues, so I'll stop now. Starting to pound the keyboard....not good. Over and out!!

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Posted (edited)

All Members please excuse idee's "off - topic" ...'Nonsense'   i.e.


Literary nonsense (or nonsense literature) is a broad categorization of literature that balances elements that make sense with some that do not, with the effect of subverting language conventions or logical reasoning. ... The effect of nonsense is often caused by an excess of meaning, rather than a lack of it.


:classic_rolleyes: Glad to hear your story...was going to school to be Engineer or Math major in late '70's early 80's...also took UC Berkeley Honors Physics curriculum at junior college was attending in Gilroy, CA...decided that Nuclear power and all it's pitfalls was disgusting...

wanted to become one of the first "solar" engineers to create free power for all, and to have all subdivisions have built in solar on rooftops...alas was way ahead of my time, only one school in US had any solar programs, and this was mostly EVR programs about 'passive solar'...

also was still taking electives in all my other varied interests like Shakespeare, British Literature, Art, and also Existentialism...was at UCSB and also played a lot of volleyball...alas my varied interests and love of both right and left brain endeavor took its toll.

did not return for final year after changing major to Math with perhaps a minor in Religious Studies...a comparative religion class 'sealed the deal' as it sent me "out into the world' rather than striving for 'success'...

seeing J. Krishnamurti speak in Ojai in Spring of 1982...only confirmed the 'rightness' of my 'thought' at that time...

that kind of 'sealed the deal'...no regrets...these sites at least give me some ability to utilize all of the knowledge gained from my schooling...am still a 'rebel without a cause' in this world of ravaging our natural environment, meaningless displays of wealth, and loss of any meaningful 'spiritual pursuits' (except for perhaps 'Mythological Beings')...


Edited by idecline
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My credentials are that I probably tend to think too much about stuff. All stuff. Not to brag, but If you can think about it, I've probably thought about it. It can be debilitating (just ask my wife) lol

Something that I would like to make sure gets brought into a climate, or any environment discussion is the impact that the landscape modifications  humans have made over relatively short times to huge expanses of the globe and that they are also considered as a contributing factor.

 Sometimes I  feel that when people put forth the premise that human endeavors are not substantial enough to have a global impact because the planet is so gosh darn big and dynamic,.. and what could little old us possibly ever do to it? 

I feel that is usually a good time to remind people to think about some of the amazing feats of progress, or of destruction, depending on your viewpoint, that have occurred and are continuing to occur. 

Desertification ranks fairly high on this list. It really wasn't that long ago with the invention of the iron furrowing plow that the Great Plains were destroyed.The Dust Bowl of the 1930s was a significant event that sort of got some attention. That destruction, or progress, also included huge swaths of post glacial fresh water marshes, lakes, bogs,swamps, and all manner of wetlands that were drained and are still currently being drained and tiled throughout the country.  Also rivers and streams that were diverted and manipulated for transportation and for agriculture. Plenty of good old North America is deposited in the Gulf of Mexico now and plenty more still heading down stream everyday. The center of North America, if nothing else, was a gigantic sponge. It was full of nutrients and water from the past millennia and that was the basis for the exordinary biomass and the diversity of life that has unfortunately been quickly and easily exploited since it was discovered.  Well, discovered isn't quite right. There were people  here who were doing fine and would have probably been better off had they not been discoved. Granted they too had done their share of modification pre industrialization, but nature still had a fairly competitive chance and it appears that there may have been some conscious effort by these  humans who were discovered here, to actually make a go of it living more in sync with the environment. Whether by necessity, or because they had more insight or reason, as I would like to think. Possibly they too would have ransacked the place if they had developed the means to do so. 

So, catching myself mid rant, sorry. 

These sorts of scenarios do affect the weather, sure it seems small and only locally at first. The forests south of me still generate their own cycle of showers in the heat of the summer(sadly less than they used to) But, imagine the original forests, from the plains to the Eastern seaboard. Combine with it the tall and short grass prairies, the marshes of the Great lakes that covered as much area as the Everglades, all essentially a single solid biological mass that tempered the climate.   That would have had a huge impact on the water cycle and the temperatures of the hemisphere. It's not just here. Russian inland seas that are being used up, Iraqi marshes drained, tropical forests clear-cut,... drastic land modification everywhere you look.

My opinion is that humanity hasn't slowed down or taken the time to thoughtfully think through the long term consequences of this fever pitched crusade to subdue the planet and all of the scary beasties lurking in the wilds whether they are real or imagined. For every last old growth giant tree, there's someone who wants to kill it. For every last example of any beast, be it lowly or majestic, there's someone who wants to kill it.  It's very sad and disheartening. 

Longtime aquarium enthusiast here, and I have reighned over these micro climates many times over my life. I have been using the dirty unbalanced fish tank analogy for decades for what we have created. There will probably still be life on the planet even after us, but it's not gonna be very pretty. 

There is the thing where the world's oceans go out of wack and turn rancid from the deaths and subsequent decay of huge amounts of sea creatures and the gasses go into the atmosphere and that puts a pretty abrupt end to things that need to breath air in the form that we are used to. I think it's tied to one of the theories about one of the previous mass extinctions fairly early in the fossil record. Could conceivably occur again if we keep messing things up.

 I'm with you guys on all of this stuff. Pollution, invasive species, greed, waste, solar max, solar min, tilt wobbly axis syndrome, etc. And sure, volcanos and astoroid impacts, who could forget those... 

Blows my mind that people don't understand the significance of a few degrees and how it can disrupt so much. They must not get it because they are numb to what has already been lost. So much is collapsing everyday all around us and yet our everyday lives are still not impinged upon enough to even notice as long as we get quick service at the drive-thru. Me, personally, I've been worried about the corn crop failing this year. If not this year, some year soon.   From what I can tell we are in a precarious situation. We can't expect to keep doing the damage and not expect to pay the consequences.  Too late to just rinse the cartridges and do a partial water change. 

Also I sincerely don't want to offend anyone with my views or opinions. My messed up wit, sarcasm and general dorkness can sometimes be misinterpreted when I put it in word form. I've found it weird how science discussions have become so volatile now that the internet exists. Seems like in the early 80s in my zoology and ecology and science classes we had a good grasp of what was going on. Then boom. The rest of the world went forward and the United States stuck its head in the sand, or something. 

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