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Solar Activity Discussion

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I'm not sure about anyone else in here, but I keep an eye on the solar activity almost on the daily. It fascinates me, as I do believe it has a much larger impact on our climate than a lot of folks in the world think. So let's talk sunspots, coronal holes, and solar wind!

Today is the first day, in quite some time now, that there's been a sunspot detected:


We are definitely in the midst of the minimum, with the last two months having averaged 1.2 spots or less:


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I'm curious to see which of the predictions are going to pan out. We'll know soon enough, but I think we're already behind where we should be for the CM method of predictions to verify:


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The last time any sunspot activity was noted on the "earth-facing disc" was August 7th, nearly two weeks ago. Unless we see an uptick in activity the last 11 days of the month, this month will have lower sunspot activity than even last month.

Interesting to say the least...

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