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Northern Hemisphere: Long Range Fall 2018 Outlook and Discussion

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The RRWT supports the 8/26 06Z GFS. Another Scandinavian high forthcoming late in the period into the 16-20 day. We shall see.


More here: http://consonantchaos.com/ 

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2 hours ago, OSNW3 said:

Recent RRWT suggests a stormy feedback for New Zealand in the 21-25 day outlook. The lowest 500MB anomalies centered on Wellington which brings a potential for rain, wind, and cool temperatures around 9/15-19 as astronomical winter comes to a close.



More here: http://www.consonantchaos.com/

Please make sure this is in the particular thread as the Southern Hemisphere isn't in fall right now.

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Latest RRWT suggesting a wet start to astronomical autumn for southern Europe and Turkey. Above average values 9/21 through 9/30.



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