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Rules and Regulations

Staff Recommended Posts

  1. KEEP ALL CONVERSATION CIVIL. Not everyone on this forum has the same amount of knowledge, and every user's post may contain their own opinion. Posts should not belittle or deride another forum member. If you do have an issue with someone, for example a difference in opinion, use the PM system instead of airing your argument over a public thread. Anyone using the PM system for personal attacks will incur severe penalties or will be banned from the site. 

  2. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. These people "feed" off of responses to their useless or inflammatory posts, and the best way to stop "trolling" is to cut it off at the source. If there is a "troll" post, report the post.

  3. STAY ON TOPIC. We have a multitude of different forums and subforums. Topics and posts that do not belong in their current spot will either be hidden or moved. A repeat offender of off-topic posts will have their content moderated or face more severe penalties. If you have a question regarding this, feel free to contact the staff.

  4. REVIEW THE SITE USAGE GUIDES. For example, know when to use a spoiler versus a quote box. https://wxdisco.com/forums/forum/53-site-usage-guides/.

  5. READ THE THREAD CREATION GUIDELINES. Before creating a forecast thread, familiarize yourself with the rules at https://wxdisco.com/forums/topic/232-thread-creation-guidelines/.

  6. DO NOT TREAT POSTS AS OFFICIAL FORECAST. Once again, this website has people with varying degrees of abilities. No content from this website should be used for decision-making purposes, and if they are, WxDisco takes no responsibility for any resulting issues.

  7. NO WISHCASTING. This website should not be used to continuously spew "historic" and "perfect storm" scenarios, nor should posts be "I feel [insert storm] is going to [insert action]" without any evidence. This also includes "bittercasting," which is essentially saying a system "won't happen" without any evidence. It's simple, just back up your claims!

  8. NO FAKE GRAPHICS. Do not modify official text or graphical forecasts from the NWS, or any other forecasting site, even as a joke. 

  9. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. This is a warning. Multiple accounts will lead to severe consequences for the user at fault.

  10. CITE SOURCES. Do not steal other forecasts or graphics without giving credit. This should be self-explanatory.

  11. ENGLISH ONLY. We are an English speaking forum, and content must be in English for us to be able to understand it.

  12. NO "FILLER" POSTS. Do not "bump" threads, or spam posts just to reach a page topper. The content will be hidden or deleted, and the user at fault will face moderation.

  13. USE SPOILERS FOR MULTIPLE IMAGES. Scrolling through 10 images on a page is just messy, and frustrates people. Be courteous and use a spoiler, it makes it neater, and reflects better on your posting.

  14. USE GALLERY LINKS FOR LARGE IMAGES. For large images, upload to gallery, and then post the link to the gallery image in replacement. This prevents excessive data usage by those on mobile devices, and saves everyone a hassle.

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