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Banned Emails List

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In order to stem the tide against malicious users at the front line I have implemented my "Banned Emails" list into the site which I have built up over the past 15+ years from experience dealing with these monsters. I use this on all my sites and is very effective at stopping 98% of malicious users at the gate. Its unfortunate we have to do this but the sites/members security and privacy is more important then an email address. If you registered with any of the emails below please modify your account asap to add a new accepted email. By months end anyone with a banned email address will be notified that it needs to be updated or account may be disabled until it is. I know many use hotmail or Yahoo accounts just for signing up to sites but they are the worst when it comes to malicious users and are number 1 on the list. I know its a small inconvenience for some but a big step in securing the site.

Your best bet is to use your ISP email, Gmail/Googlemail, any secure email like protonmail, work/school/personal email,  or @wxdisco.com  email which will be available for all members come December and is 100% safe and secure email.

@aol.com used to be part of the list but I have removed it as they improved their email services since its listing but *@aim.com is banned

This list is dynamic and is modified accordingly on a regular basis. if you have a known abusive email domain to add please contact me.






If you are having problems updating your email or need a secure email PM me ad I will help you out.

if you have questions about what secure email is then please post them here.

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