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Posted (edited)

I've been busy so I haven't heard or looked for much and 'notifications' drive me nuts. I have enough problems keeping up with RL (real life).

I'm sure the problems with spacex will work themselves out it's a matter of trust. On a smaller scale it's like 'do you trust your wife to drive you somewhere and get you there safely?' Sure, She wouldn't want to be involved in an accident either, right?


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They finally made it, it's up there!

Timeline of 30:08 video:

  • T -10 sec                                            14:49
  • Booster Sep                                       17:24
  • Booster re-entry burn                       21:45
  • Booster landing burn                        22:45
  • Barge landing                                    23:20
  • Dragon deployment                          24:45
  • Solar array deployment                    26:14
  • Monday's events to end of video    29:00



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Posted (edited)

Hi MJ,

There's too many video's to list in a post so, if you go here: CRS-17 Mission you can take your pick, I like the one about towin' the barge with booster back to the Cape.

2nd one down is this video, 3rd is previous post, then the next six, and towin' is 7th.


After about a month attached to the International Space Station, SpaceX’s CRS-17 Dragon is expected to be unberthed and released. After several hours drifting away from the outpost, it should perform a deorbit burn and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.

CRS-17 Dragon unberthing, splashdown (TBD)
Tenative Monday, June 3, 2019    00:00 23:59


Next up:

Sat., June 22: SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch with NASA technology payloads. SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket will carry nearly two dozen satellites to space for the Department of Defense’s Space Test Program-2 (STP-2) mission from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Among the payloads are NASA technologies including a small satellite to test the performance of non-toxic spacecraft fuel and an advanced atomic clock to improve how spacecraft navigate.

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